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LOOKING at Language is a longitudinal study investigating factors that influence language development in Western Australian children.

It is a 15 year study which commenced in 2002 and is a joint initiative between the Telethon Kids Institute, UWA, the University of Kansas and Nebraska University.   

Our study participants consisted of 1 cohort of singletons and 4 cohorts of twins who have completed face to face assessments at the ages of 4, 6, 9 and 13 years of age.

In addition to the study participants, we also invited their family members to do a one-off language assessment to get a picture of how language develops within families. All study participants also provided a saliva sample as part of the genetic component of the study.

The data collection phase of the Looking at Language study finished in June 2017.

Our researchers are currently working hard to analyse the data. 

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About Looking at Language

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